Section Thuendrel

Where is the country Tibet? What language do Tibetans speak? What is the purpose of Khatas? Young Tibetans in exile must engage themselves in the Tibetan movement in order for coming generations still being able to answer these questions. The survival of the Tibetan culture is in our hands! That is why in 2011 the section Thündrel has been founded in Bern.
We are 13 members with different backgrounds: Tibetans that were born and raised in Tibet, Tibetans who grew up in Switzerland, as well as Swiss members who want to support the Tibetan struggle for freedom. This variety is characteristic for our section and we use the available resources to fight for the Tibetan cause. We are trying to raise public awareness on the situation in Tibet by political actions and cultural events.
The name of our section “Thündrel” stands for “Unity” – united we are fighting for a free Tibet.

Head of Section


Wangchu Chime