Direct action in front of the Chinese Embassy

The Tibetan community is filled with sadness because of the self-immolations in Tibet. Sadness, because Tibetan countrymen – most of them still very young – had to give up their lives. The recent developments are even more concerning, because they give us a glimpse of the terrible and inhuman politics of the Chinese government. The board of the TYAE asks itself again and again: how can young Tibetans in exile react to the situation in Tibet. Because of this question, 20 people decided to gather in front of the Chinese Embassy on the 15th November – one day after the election of Xi Jinping as the Party Secretary of the CCP.

The protesters made themselves heard and demanded a statement about the current situation in Tibet from the ambassador. Our demands were – as expected – not met. However, the media coverage was relatively good and we managed to get our message across to the public and raise awareness about the situation in Tibet.