TYAE Children’s Camp

A member of the TYAE always used to say: “The Children’s Camp is as much a part of TYAE, as butter is a part of tea”. Since more than thirty years we have been organizing a Camp for young Tibetans between the age of 8 and 13 years during the autumn holidays. During this week, Tibetan kids from all over Switzerland gather and learn more about the country of their parents and grandparents. At the same time, they get to mingle with children their age who share the same background. This is a camp where long-lasting friendships are built.

Goals of the TYAE Children’s Camp:

  • Intermediation of the Tibetan culture: singing, dancing, religion, food, and language
  • To strengthen the Network of young Tibetans
  • To raise awareness for Tibet’s political situation
  • To give a better understanding of nature
  • To have fun!

Members of the TYAE are in charge of the children’s camp, many of whom have participated themselves in the Camps when they were kids. Every year, the camp team prepares a versatile program with a lot of enthusiasm and great commitment. The program may include a children’s disco, hiking trips, and - of course - an obligatory visit of the venerable Khenpo (abbot) of the Rikon Monastery.

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Junior Membership

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Junior Membership

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