Shenpen – A drop-in centre from Tibetans for Tibetans

Shenpen, which translated means “to help others”, is a new project of TYAE. The idea of this drop-in centre is to offer the necessary help for Tibetans, who are new in Switzerland, when dealing with administrative difficulties and other daily tasks. Furthermore, Shenpen is not only limited to its function as a drop-in centre, but also provides a meeting place for new friendships, interesting encounters and stimulating conversations.

You can visit us every Monday (except public holidays, such as Easter Monday) from 6:15pm to 8pm in our TYAE office and/or reach us by phone. No registration necessary.


Verein Tibeter Jugend in Europa
Tibetan Youth Association in Europe

Binzstreet 15
CH-8045 Zurich

06.15 pm – 08.00 pm
Tel: +41 44 450 88 55

Tuesday to Friday (by phone)
06.00 pm – 08.00 pm
+41 76 517 87 57