Benefit For Tibet 2K19 - pt. i

14. February 2019, 02:22

Party for the greater good? This is possible at the legendary TYAE “Kanzlei Party”. For years, the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe, together with Zurich’s Kanzlei Club has organised a Benefit Party that has reached cult status. Benefit for Tibet stands for the best Soul, RnB and Rap/Hip Hop from top DJs – and all this for a good cause.

The entire profits go to TYAE and counts as one of the most important income sources for the Association. This money finances new actions and campaigns for Tibet as the situation on the roof of the world is as alarming as ever. TYAE will continue to give its utmost to raise awareness about the unbearable abuses in Tibet.

The annual "Benefit For Tibet" party takes this year place on the 23th of March 2019 in Zürich. Show support and join us on our celebration! The whole income will be used for financing our future activities and campaigns.

——— DJ Lineup ———
- DJ Platinum
Facebook: Nathaniel Blackwell

- Subculture
Facebook: Tenz Subculture Ngorkhangsar

Facebook: Andi DjGro Grossenbacher

- cEASYn
Facebook: Nelung Chimey

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