appeal by former TYAE presidents

31. January 2018, 03:42

Appeal To Our Elected Leaders and Tibetans Around the World

It is our strong belief that Tibetans have the right to express their feelings of frustration and criticism towards their elected leaders. This also includes public protests against a Sikyong who is elected to listen to the worries of all Tibetans.

At the same time, it also depresses us that an elected Tibetan leader is confronted by Tibetan protest in Western countries. We say to all those who lined up for protesting at the airports and other public places in Western cities:  Do you really feel that you have exhausted the institutional means of complaints and of dialogue before organising these protests? Would it not be better to resolve our internal political conflicts without creating such a deplorable image to the outside world?

Obviously, Penpa Tsering’s ousting could have been differently handled by Lobsang Sangay and seems to be the initial reason for the protests. We urge the exile parliament to investigate all aspects of the matter and come up with an unbiased report of the events that led to this deplorable situation.

Moreover, there are issues of greater worry and importance to us: While a brutal cultural and economic transformation of Tibet into a Chinese territory takes place we exile Tibetans still lack a strategy and effective policies. We, therefore, urge the elected leaders to fulfil their duties in a spirit of Tibetan unity and based on the principles laid down in our exile charter and do everything to prevent this conflict of growing into an unmanageable crisis of mistrust and regional fights.

Signed by

Kalsang Chokteng
Zakay Reichlin
Wangpo Tethong
Ganden Tethong
Yangzom Brauen
Kelsang Samling
Tendon Dahortsang
Norzin Dotschung
Kelden Losinger

_The signers are all former presidents of the Tibetan Youth Association in Europe and have spontaneously come together for this joint appeal to voice their concern._