6th Tibetan Film Festival

27. October 2014, 06:46

The 6th Tibet Film Festival, held simultaneously in Zurich and Dharamsala, is worldwide the only Film Festival that focuses on Tibetan filmmaking. The Tibet Film Festival has been founded by the group “Filming for Tibet” and the “Tibetan Youth Association in Europe” and is dedicated to Dhondup Wangchen.


The two-day festival screens a variety of films made by both Tibetans inside and outside Tibet with the objective to create a platform for artistic expression for filmmakers within the Tibetan community, and to create awareness about filmmaking in the Tibetan diaspora.


Dhondup Wangchen conceived and shot the film "Leaving Fear Behind" (Tib:Jigdrel) to portray life in Tibet months before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. He was arrested on March 26, 2008 for filming interviews with ordinary Tibetans on their views on the Beijing Olympics, the Dalai Lama and Chinese government’s policies in Tibet.