Three major events ahead.

25. January 2016, 12:28

VOTE: Penpa Tsering meets the Tibetan Youth

Now you have the perfect opportunity to pepper your questions directly to Mr. Penpa Tsering who is running for the 2016 Tibetan Prime Minister.


BE TIBET: The Show

13th of February 1913: His Holiness the 13th Dalai Lama reasserted the declaration of independence. More than 100 years later - what does that mean to us? 
For us the message of this declaration is clear: BE TIBET - BE PROUD. At "Be Tibet - The Show" we are exposing our unique Tibetan culture and history and celebrating our Tibetanness on this very special day - since we have a lot of things to be proud of!


VOTE: European-Chitue Debate

It is about time for you to build up you own opinion on the Chitue Candidates. What are their arguments? Who do you think represents you the most? Ask all you questions at the event.