Open Talk: TYAE meets Tenzing Jigme, President of the Tibetan Youth Congress

7. November 2014, 10:10

Last Thursday more than 40 TYAE members and members of other Tibet-organizations gathered for an open talk with the President of the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) Tenzing Jigme. He talked about the challenges that TYC is facing these days and about the Tibetan freedom movement in general. In the second part of the evening a discussion about various topics took place. Such as the activities of TYC in Tibet, non-violence vs. violence and Rangzen vs. Umelam.

The first two topics were the history of TYC and their future plans. Afterwards the disturbances within TYC itself were discussed. Tenzing Jigme said that he regrets that certain chapters have decided to break off from Centrex and go their own path because of their political ideologies. Even though different ideas and thoughts are appreciated, one must respect the decision of the majority of the TYC members who want to remain on the Rangzen path. He repeatedly emphasized the importance of unity in the Tibetan community. No matter what political views you may have. He himself lost all hope for a cooperation with the Chinese government after the brutal crackdown of the 2008 uprisings in Tibet. Another topic was the relationship between the Central Tibetan Administration and TYC. He explained: “TYC has a lot of respect towards the Central Tibetan Administration and the Middle Way Approach.” Tenzing Jigme also mentioned that His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, never said that TYC is oposing against the will of His Holiness or His agenda.

Afterwards a discussion of various subjects was held. Among other things Tenzing Jigme stated that TYC has a strict non-violence policy. But due to the large amount of members there are always people with other opinions and beliefs. He doubts that a successful cooperation in the future is possible with those who strongly disagree with the principles of their own organization. 

It was very interesting for the audience to get some updates by the TYC President himself. TYC is the largest Tibet organization and plays a key role in the freedom movement. TYC has inspired and guided the Tibet movement not only in Exile but also in Tibet where the people place their hope in the Tibetan Youth. Tenzin Jigme concluded: “Freedom is our right! We shall never lose hope and must continue to take every chance that comes along the way.”