Enigmatic stickers around Google HQ

23. June 2014, 07:08

Zurich – Different pedestrians have spotted countless labels, which have been marked on Monday morning. This incident took place between the bus stop „Huerlimann area“ and the Google headquarter. This on-site finding caused confusion to many eyewitnesses for a while. The labels might be simple to remove but it's still mysterious where they came from. There were no hints who could be responsible for that neither what's the reason behind this incident. Conspicuously, all the signs which have been written in Chinese were around the Google headquarter.

Prosecution of a claim to Google

Previously, the Tibetan Youth Association (TYAE) in Europe acquired an urgent postulation for the preservation of Tibetan language. This claim has been addressed to Google Inc. last year. The TYAE requested Google to extend their online maps in Tibet with Tibetan expressions.

Few members of the TYAE have recorded about 1600 place names in Tibet. The aim of this cultural campaign is to provide every Google maps user a complete offer of all the toponyms in Tibet in Chinese, English and after all in Tibetan as well.

Outlawing of an ancient culture

Tibet has been occupied by China since 1951. The Tibetan culture has now been pushed back for more than 50 years. Through increasing government spending and aggressive promotion, the Chinese people have been attracted to profitable job opportunities in Tibet. The Tibetan people became the minority in their own home country.