Rights for Tibetans - also in Switzerland!

16. March 2018, 09:47

Along with the Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker (GfbV) Schweiz Tibet Organisations in Switzerland launched a campaign. In a petition we ask the Swiss government to take measures against China's authoritarian influencing and to protect the fundamental rights of the Tibetan people - also in Switzerland!

"Five years after Switzerland signed a free trade agreement with China, the closer economic ties between Switzerland and China are affecting the fundamental rights of Tibetans in Switzerland. Together with Tibetan organisations and the SPM, call on politicians and authorities,


  • to guarantee unrestricted freedom of expression in Switzerland with regard to the situation in Tibet,
  • to find alternatives to “China” for the designation of origin in identity documents.
  • to actively support the observance of freedom of movement of Tibetans living in Switzerland,
  • to ensure protection from surveillance and the right to privacy of Tibetans living in Switzerland."